The Client List

Beth is a psychotherapist who is incredibly protective towards her clients. Maybe this is because her mother was murdered when she was a child and she sees her clients as her family.

One day, Beth receives a letter from Ellison the sociopath who killed her mother.

The letter is to the point. Ellison asks Beth to help him. She must visit Ellison in prison as soon as she can, but Beth cannot face seeing him and doesn’t respond.

The following week, Beth’s apartment is broken into and a list of her clients goes missing.

An officer from victim support contacts Beth and warns her, Ellison has escaped.

Terrified, Beth fears Ellison has her list and she visits all six of her clients only to discover a trail of blood.

Two of them have been murdered and Beth persuades the remaining four to go to a safe house.

The police are unable to find Ellison, so they agree to wire Beth up to monitor her while she uses her psychotherapy skills to track him down.

Finally in Ellison’s thrall Beth passionately wants to end his life but instead forces him to get to grips with his own psychosis, to save her clients.