BLUE a supernatural tale, starring Rosie Allerhand, Gemma Jones (Marvellous, Bridget Jones Diary, Rocketman), Orla Mcallister, Sarah Keelty, Chris Keelty, Dan Mcallister, Antonio Cerezo, Gareth Watkins and Pete Gomes, and songs sung by Shirley Henderson, written and directed by Deva Palmier with music composed by Ben Morales Frost, Jon Conway as musical director and produced by Adam Gregory Smith of Hidden Art Films, filming in Frome, London and Mexico City.

“When Jess, Laura’s seven year old, dies Laura feels like she failed her as a mother and all she wants to do is join her up in the skies. But while she’s in mourning a poltergeist storms through her home and she can’t help but see her daughter’s tempestuous nature in this turbulent little tornado, which opens up another opportunity to share some maternal love.”