3 Degrees

Teaser trailer for 3 DEGREES.

3 DEGREES – a thriller feature film written, directed and lensed by Deva Palmier and produced by Fern Scott.
“A wannabe singer who is haunted by her own fractured personalities, has to self-investigate when she suspects herself of murder.”

Feature Film // Thriller // 95 mins


To all her clients RAYA (40s), is an expert clutter clearer, who now and again speaks to herself but when she receives the shocking news of the murder of her primary school teacher MR. PETERS (late 60s), this sets in motion a series of events that threaten to destroy the fragile foundations of her world.

Raya commiserates with PAUL (50s) an overly protective client who was also a fellow student of Mr. Peters, but she feels increasingly out of control as her two fractured inner selves dominate her psychologically. Raya Three, a moody teenager who has a lot to say, but she’s nothing compared to Raya Two, a mid-twenties, rage-filled facet of her former self.

Duty bound, Raya goes to see her long lost uncle JOHN (late 60s), since Mr Peters was a close buddy of his but this visit triggers her childhood phobia of dogs at full force. A doubly difficult problem she wants to resolve, since she is falling in love with dog-enthusiast, JAI (40s).

Raya senses someone stalking her on the way to seeing a difficult client, ANNE SMYTHE (50s), who sacks her and the next day, Raya is horrified to discover Anne’s mutilated body in a park. Raya Three accuses Raya Two of being the murderer, since she hated Anne Smythe and this hits Raya hard because she suspects Raya Two of being her stalker.

A dog owner is murdered and Raya is determined to find out who did this and to fix her fear of dogs. She asks her uncle John about any dogs in her childhood and he defensively suggests she must have read her mother’s diaries. This puts Raya into a spin and she heads off to Worthing to see NICK (60s), her stepdad.

After a big fight Raya forces Nick to hand over the diaries and she discovers, as a child something happened to her in John’s cellar. Furious, Raya returns to see John and she remembers her playroom was in his cellar where they played cats and dogs. John tries to sexually molest Raya again, but this time all three Raya’s fight him off. Raya notices a man’s shape watching them through a window.

At Jai’s home Raya is now no longer so frightened of his beloved dog, but she’s alarmed to hear on the news – John’s murdered body has been discovered in his garden. Raya thinks back to the stalker and instead of Raya Two, she now sees Paul. He’s always been so protective of Raya and she’s sure he is the murderer.