3 Degrees

We’ve filmed a teaser trailer for 3 DEGREES.
3 DEGREES – a psychological thriller feature film, starring Nicola Harrison, written, directed and lensed by Deva Palmier and produced by Fern Scott.
“A wannabe singer who is haunted by her own fractured personalities, has to self-investigate when she suspects herself of murder.”

RAYA (40s) has a fractured personality, which means she spends a lot of time talking to her two younger selves RAYA TWO and RAYA THREE. Raya wishes she was like her mother who was a sensational club singer, but she can only sing off key. Raya mimes and dances with Raya Two and Raya Three to the memory of her mother’s act. For a living, Raya helps people to de-clutter their lives but unfortunately she’s forgotten to work on her own.

MR. PETERS, Raya’s primary school teacher, has been horrifically murdered and Raya commiserates with PAUL (40s), who was in her year at the school. Mr. Peters was a drinking buddy of JOHN (late 60’s), Raya’s long lost uncle, and Raya goes to see John. This visit triggers Raya’s fear of dogs to re-surface, which is especially unfortunate since Raya is falling in love with JAI (40s) whose second love is his dog, BUSTER.

ANNE SMYTH (50s), a client who has just sacked Raya is also murdered and Raya Two says she’s happy to see the back of her. Raya is furious with Raya Two, who goes missing and Raya Three suggests that Raya Two could be the actual murderer. Everyone who upsets Raya seems to end up brutally killed with a knife. Raya needs to find out if part of herself has killed these people and why on earth is she so terrified of dogs?

As in all good psychological thrillers, Raya soon discovers the murderer is… way too close for comfort.