Teaser trailer for 3 DEGREES.

3 DEGREES – a thriller feature film written and directed by Deva Palmier and produced by Fern Scott and Jenny Walker.
“Haunted by her own fractured personalities, Raya’s world unravels when she suspects herself of murder.”
“Who can you trust… when you can’t trust yourself”

Feature Film // Thriller // 90 mins


RAYA (40s), a pristinely clean and emotionally fragile clutter clearer, is shocked to hear her old school teacher MR. PETER’S (late 60s) has been brutally murdered. She feels duty bound to visit his close friend, her estranged uncle JOHN (late 60s).

This visit triggers buried childhood fears, sending Raya downhill and she is comforted by protective client and life long friend PAUL (50s). But Raya does not feel safe since she’s being stalked.

Raya fears she’s being stalked by herself, since her two fractured inner selves have begun to dominate her psychologically. Raya 3, a moody teenager who has a lot to say, but is nothing compared to Raya 2, a mid-twenties, rage-filled facet of her former self.
After Raya has a bout of sleepwalking, two further murders follow and Raya 3 convinces her, Raya 2 is the serial murderer. Raya spirals out of control, fearing she murdered her querulous client, and a dog walker client of JAI (40s), with whom she’s falling in love.

Did she? And is she really stalking herself?

Desperate for clues from a past she’s buried deep, Raya seeks out her stepfather NICK (60s) and finds her mother’s diaries. Reading them enrages Raya who confronts John, as he opens the door to her old playroom in the cellar where she now knows he sexually molested her.

Raya is terrified and John tries again but this time all three Raya’s unite to fight him off. And outside the window, a man’s silhouette is watching.

Safe at Jai’s home Raya is alarmed to discover on the news, John has been murdered and feeling troubled, she thinks back. Instead of seeing Raya 2’s silhouette stalking her, she can now see Paul’s. Raya is certain the serial murderer is Paul.


Forced to suspect herself of murder, an emotionally fragile woman fragments as she battles each of her three personalities to find out if she is responsible – and if so, why.

Here GONE GIRL’s battle of wills meets CACHE’s guessing game in a genuinely Hitchcockian chiller infused with KLUTE’s ambience.