Deva Films is an award winning film production company managed by me, Deva Palmier.

I’m a Writer-Director working in comedy, genre and drama. I am passionate about making cinematic films driven by misfits and maybe that’s because I am one. Half Egyptian-Maltese, half UK, I was born in New Zealand and as a child lived in Indonesia, India, Switzerland and the UK.

I originally trained as an actress at Guildhall School of Music and Drama with a BP Scholarship and then toured across Canada with my own theatre company. A few years later I went on to spend the summer studying filmmaking at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, on a William and Eva Fox Fellowship.

My short films have been selected for many awards and I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Gurinder Chadha for a year on the Guiding Lights scheme, but really the biggest prize of all is to be making BLUE, my first feature film, this year.

BLUE which is being produced by Adam Gregory Smith of Hidden Art Films, and has been filmed in Frome, London and Mexico City, is now in post-production. I’m a huge fan of Gemma Jones (Marvellous, Bridget Jones Diary, Rocketman) and it’s been such a privilege to work with her. It’s also been inspiring working Rosie Allerhand, helping her realise the emotionally challenging role of Laura.

“A mother who has a difficult relationship with her stroppy seven year old, is devastated when she dies and all she wants to do is join her daughter up in the skies but when she attempts to kill herself, a poltergeist storms through their home.”

I’m a participant of BFI Network X BAFTA Crew for the second year and I’m very grateful for this since it has greatly helped with the making of BLUE and with the prep for my second feature film, Finding Clive, which has financiers on board with a planned shoot for Autumn 2022.