Finding Clive

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A romantic comedy with songs about two of life’s undateables.

When Mari, who is lost in her own fantastical world, finds out her best friend San, who runs the local newsagents, is having an arranged marriage, she asks him to help her find a boyfriend.

Mari’s pin-up is a hot catalogue-model she calls Clive and she wants her new boyfriend to be exactly like him, even down to his name.

San reluctantly takes on Mari’s specific request and sets up an online dating profile – Catalogue model required. Must be called Clive! A curious assortment of applicants respond and Mari meets them all, trying to find the perfect Clive.

Neera, San’s ambitious mother, who is in the swirl of preparations for her son’s marriage, senses something between San and Mari and makes it clear she doesn’t want Mari getting in the way.

Things become even more complicated when Phillip, Mari’s boss and brother-in-law, makes a pass at her one evening. This sends San into an uncharacteristic fury that ends with a bloody nose and Mari seeing him in a new light.

Will San stand up to his mother? Will Mari ever find her Clive?
But above all, will Mari and San finally realise that they are made for each other?


We’re pre-shooting this film now with Shirley Henderson (Stan and Ollie, Bridget Jones Diary, Harry Potter) and Roger Allam (The Hippopotamus, Tamara Drewe, The Thick of It) on board for the main shoot in 2021 with Katie O’Mahoney and Melissa Parmenter of Revolution Films producing.