BLUE – a supernatural drama, starring Rosie Allerhand, Gemma Jones (Rocketman), Orla Mcallister, Sarah Keelty, Chris Keelty,  Antonio Cerezo, Gareth Watkins, Pete Gomes and Giles de Rivaz, with songs sung by Shirley Henderson (Awarded Best Actress in a musical at the Olivier Awards 2018), written and directed by Deva Palmier with music composed by Ben Morales Frost, edited by Nigel Bunyan and Ronit Meranda, produced by Adam Gregory Smith of Hidden Art Films, filmed in Frome, London and Mexico City.

““Full of regret, a mother mourns the loss of her stroppy young daughter until she is confronted by a poltergeist who blows through her home.”

BLUE Synopsis 

Laura is a workaholic, in a failed marriage, who hates her deceased mother and has a difficult relationship with Jess, her stroppy daughter. When Jess tragically dies, Laura is devastated and racked full of guilt. All she wants to do is join her seven-year-old up in the skies but when she tries to kill herself, a poltergeist storms through her home.

This furious wind begins to blow objects at Laura, who is certain she’s being visited by a tween tornado with a temper resembling her daughter’s. Wanting to investigate, Laura asks Ben to help but he doesn’t believe in ghosts and is sure Laura has lost her mind.

Laura forces her husband to leave their home for good and asks her neighbour to bring over a friend of hers, a clairvoyant.

The clairvoyant senses a young baby boy around Laura, who is furious since there is no way the spirit of her daughter has turned into a boy.

The unbearable pain of loss, forces Laura to take a look at her life and consider how she should have done things differently. She speaks to her mother in the skies, but this only confirms their mutual hatred of each other. However, Laura does find solace in Jess’s plastic Babydoll.

When Laura falls into a deep slumber holding Babydoll tight, she wakes up to discover it’s missing. The wind blows hard on Laura and she steps forward to embrace her poltergeist daughter, who now seems like a windy little baby.

Laura decides to do everything differently with her poltergeist daughter. She lovingly puts her in a pram and takes her to the park, where Ben appears on the horizon. He wants to come home and is more willing to accept Laura with all her crazy ideas of their daughter. They both realise how much they miss each other and want to give their relationship another go.

Laura keeps being sick and is worried that all this stress is making her ill but discovers after all, she is pregnant. She remembers how her daughter always wanted to be called Blue, but she would never allow it. Laura and Ben visit Blue’s cot and tell her the good news, it looks like she will have a baby brother or sister.

Poltergeist Blue leaves her cot to fly up into the starry sky. Laura sees her mother smiling at her warmly. She’s going to take care of her granddaughter’s spirit and Laura’s love for her mother is rekindled.

The death of her daughter has helped Laura find a deeper sense of love in her life and for Ben, who stands next to her and looks up at a very different night sky.