Plain Hunger

2.5 mins. DVCAM – Commission. 2001.

Awarded a travel grant to Brest by the British Council.
Screened at the Rushes Soho Film Fest, London; Halloween at ICA, London; Festival de Tres Courts, Paris, Gap, Marseille, Millau, Nancy, Reims, Trouville and Villers-sur-mer; Quebec, Canada. Brest and best of Brest in Paris, France; Cape Fear, USA and Picciano, Italy.

Maude with a voracious appetite, swiftly polishes off her packed lunch and is still hungry. What will she eat next to satisfy her hunger?

Maude – Anne Lacey

Assistant – Dougie Ling
Music – Phil Scragg
Cinematographer – Jon Felix
Writer/ Director – Deva Palmier
Producer – Robert Wills

Distributed by Shorts International.