The Box

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15 mins. HD. 2014.

When Angela offers a homeless man shelter in her garage, he wants to know why.

The Box screened at the East End Film Festival and the Portobello Film Fest in 2015.

Angela lives in a quaint studio apartment, hidden away in the heart of London, and when Joe a homeless man beds down in her courtyard their lives are never going to be the same.

Production notes
The Box was shot by Gabi Norland with a small crew and edited by Simon Cozens in Final Cut Pro. The picture was graded by Matthew Osborne at The Mill and the sound mixed by Steve Single in Dolby 5:1 at Halo Post production.

Sophie Linfield – Angela
Gary Cargill – Joe

Writer/ Director – Deva Palmier
Producer – Katie O’Mahoney
Music – Phil Scragg
Cinematographer – Gabi Norland
Editor – Simon Cozens
Sound Editor – SNK Studios
Sound Re-recording Mixer – Steve Single
Sound Recordist – Duncan Paterson
Colour Grading – Matthew Osborne
Colour Grading Producer – Colin Oaten
Camera Assistants – Ewan Macfarlan, Briony Stephens, Jon Mitchell
Production Assistant – Lilianna Bujak
Catering – Fred Mackenzie